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Elder / Cough / Elephant Tree / Goram - Exchange, Bristol

£12.50 / Sold Out

Snuff Lane loudly brings you:

Elder (US) // COUGH (US) // Elephant Tree // GORAM

The Exchange, Bristol – Friday 14th October

Doors: 19:30
Tickets: £12.50

Elder are back with Snuff Lane but this time they bring the almighty Cough to finish off Bristol...



Elder is the definition of a work in progress, as the group continues to meld the familiar sounds of Sleep‘s colossal riffage with their ever-evolving vision of soaring melodies and sonic soundscapes. Listeners will find themselves locked into the trio’s lengthy epics, which toe the line between the chasms of classic stoner metal and mindblowing psychedelia.

Since the release of 2010′s Dead Roots Stirring, their second full-length record for MeteorCity Records, Elder has continued to push their sound in more dynamic and inspiring directions, while still holding true to their original methodology: all heavy, no filler.



Cough was conceived in the fertile metal underground of Richmond, VA, USA, circa 2005. The newly-formed band sought to be the heaviest band ever from Richmond, and took inspiration from doom metal bands (Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Pentagram, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, etc.), grimy sludge (Grief, Eyehategod, Cavity) and early black metal (Bathory).

Despite the torpid, brooding doom metal they make, Cough began in something of a hurry. During its first five years, the Richmond quartet issued an auspicious debut EP, a split LP, and two very strong full-lengths, which colored the bleak grays of doom and the lurid greens of stoner metal with rainbow swirls of psychedelic rock.


Elephant Tree

A combination of ballsy blues rock and heavy riffs.

Elephant Tree are a relatively new band who, after cutting their teeth in the London metal scene, have established a place within the current growing Stoner Metal genre. Having moved down and taken in many many gigs and shows the guys have been influenced to start making their own music. Linking up with heavy riff veteran Pete in early January and Riley 'Sitar Wizard' MacIntyre soon after, things are snowballing quickly with more songs in the pipelines.

While the style is difficult to class under any one particular sub-genre of Metal it has been most likened to Doom Metal and Stoner Rock however many people have their own classifications ranging from Blues to Prog.

Playing their debut gig to a great crowd in April 2014 which lead to the demand for the recording of their first EP, Theia was released in September by Magnetic Eye Records. Now an established gigging band the guys are booking in performances all over the UK with sights set to lands beyond!



Stoner sludge Doom from Bristol, comprised of members of The Heads, Sonance, Pohl and more.